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Air ducts are found in almost every home here in Greenfield Our number one goal at A1 Air Duct Cleaning Greenfield is to clean your home’s air duct system, which in return will allow you and your family to breathe healthy and clean air.

What is air duct cleaning?

Air duct cleaning entails the cleaning and sanitation of the air ducts in your home which provide air from your cooling and heating systems.

This also includes the cleaning of the vents in the home as well as the heating and cooling systems themselves.

Some of the mechanisms on your systems that may need to be cleaned as well include your heating and cooling coils, drip pans and all fans.

Air duct cleaning is an important maintenance to your home due to the buildup of pollutants that build up inside over time.

Some of the most common pollutants we find in homes here in Greenfield include; dust, construction debris, smoke residue, pollen, animal hair, animal fices, bacteria and mold.

All these pollutants can potentially be harmful to you and your family.

No matter the time of year, either your heating or cooling system are working and push air into your home via your air ducts.

This means you are breathing what’s in your air duct all year long.

The symptoms that may occur from unsanitized air ducts can include, sneezing coughing, headaches, allergies, and cold like symptoms.

Even though unsanitized air ducts are potentially harmful to everyone, there are people that might be more affected.

These people include, children, people with allergies, and people with any respiratory disorder.

Maintenance of your home’s air ducts is recommended to be done every 4-7 years.

Cleaning your air duct will not only allow your family to breath uncontaminated air, it has other benefits as well. One of these benefits includes efficiency.

It is said that ½ inch of dust on your systems coils can cause a decreased efficiency of 20 percent.

No only will air duct cleaning allow your systems to be more efficient, it will also protect your heating and cooling systems.

Both your heating and cooling systems are investments, they can be quite costly.

The number one cause for failure in heating and cooling systems is dirt and clogs.

Here at Green Air duct cleaning Greenfield we use many different methods to clean your homes air ducts.

Each and every home is different, from how contaminated the air ducts are, to the size and material.

No matter what type of air duct system you have we can clean it.

Some of the methods we use here at Green Air duct cleaning Greenfield include; negative pressure cleanings, deeps cleaning and sanitation, and uv preventative protects lights.

Negative pressure cleanings are the most common air duct cleaning method.

Negative pressure cleaning is when a negative pressure hose is fed through your vents and it exertes negative pressure to remove up to 97 percent of all loose contaminants in your ducts.

While negative pressure is being applied, a specialized vacuum is connected to suck up and remove all the contaminants from your home.

A deep cleaning and sanitation is literally a full cleanse of your air ducts.

For this method a rotating brush is fed through each individual vent in your home.

While being fed throughout the duct the rotating brush head scrubs all sides of the interior of the vents.

While this is taking place our specialized state of the art vacuums remove all dirt and contaminants from your home.

Finally the last method we offer is a Preventative antibacterial Uv light.

This light is placed in your system and is left on 24/7.

The light prevents mold and bacteria from growing inside your air ducts.

The UV light is a great option to continuously protect your family from the dangers of mold and bacteria that can grow in your air ducts.

All in all, we here at Green Air duct Cleaning Greenfield are your local trusted air duct cleaning company to help with all your air duct cleaning needs.

With over 10 years experience, we have the knowledge and equipment to sanitize your homes air ducts.

We pride ourselves on customer service and quality work.

We guaranty when choosing Green Air duct greenfield, you are choosing the best,