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Homes throughout Philadelphia have fireplaces and chimneys. Whether you use your chimney frequently during the heating season or seldom use it at all, getting it swept regularly can help protect your home and keep your chimney in good condition. A1 Air Duct Chimney Cleaning is your local chimney sweep company that can answer all of your chimney and fireplace questions.

Despite having a reputation for being robust and durable, your chimney was not created to endure coming in direct contact with fire. Every time you use your fireplace, you run the risk of chimney fires, which may also result in smoke in your home and even house fires.

Therefore, scheduling yearly inspections and routine sweepings is a crucial component of keeping your chimney system in good condition.

Our team of highly-qualified technicians has been helping homeowners maintain and repair chimneys and fireplaces. We are certified chimney cleaning specialists that perform quality customer service and answer all your chimney cleaning related questions. We will perform a deep, thorough chimney inspection and will also explain to you how the chimney sweep process works. We are the most reliable and professionally certified to clean chimneys air duct systems in the area. Call us 24/7 for your ventilation needs!


What to expect from us?

When we arrive for your scheduled sweeping service, what can you anticipate from our experts?

  • Prior to visiting your house, a technician will phone you as a courtesy.
  • Our technicians will show up on time, in uniform, and with a smile.
  • Our sweeps cover their shoes and put on gloves before entering your home to keep everything tidy and safe.
  • We’ll do a quick inspection of your firebox and the area.
  • You’ll get precise information on the outcomes of the sweep after it’s through.
  • We’ll examine the chimney from the rooftop.
  • We’ll follow up with any further instructional materials you require to operate your system as effectively and safely.
  • If necessary, we’ll provide you an estimate for any recommended repairs or further work.

Why do you need a routine chimney cleaning?

An yearly routine chimney sweep is recommended. The kind of fuel you burn in your fireplace throughout the heating season, however, may affect how frequently you require chimney services if you use your fireplace regularly. Compared to gas-burning fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces frequently produce more trash and buildup. You should get chimney cleaning service if you see any of the following:

  • Overwhelming Smoke: If your fireplace is creating more smoke than normal or if smoke enters your home when using the fireplace, this may be a sign that the chimney needs to have a blockage addressed.
  • Slow Draft: A creosote buildup or debris in the chimney may be to blame if it takes your fire longer than normal to start or if you have difficulties keeping a strong fire.
  • Unpleasant scents: If your fireplace emits unpleasant or musty scents even when it isn’t being used, it may be due to creosote buildup or other things that need to be cleaned out of the chimney. While utilising your fireplace, burning smells may also be a sign that obstructions need to be cleared.
  • Visible Debris: A blockage at the top of the chimney may be the cause of any visible debris, such as twigs, leaves, or other objects that fall into your fireplace.
  • Burning Sparks or Embers: If you notice sparks or embers coming from the top of your chimney when the fire is burning, it may be a sign of a buildup or obstruction.

When utilising your fireplace, if your carbon monoxide detector sounds an alarm, it may be because of insufficient ventilation brought on by a clogged chimney.



You deserve peace of mind during each and every burning season, and we are here to deliver it. Give us a call (412)-534-5669 or request your appointment online today.

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