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Regardless of the size, location, or style of your home, it is almost definite that you have an air duct system in your home that is pushing warm and cool air throughout.

Air ducts are constantly in use, both when it is winter or summer.

It is important to clean your homes air ducts due to the dirt and bacteria that potentially are inside.

Unsanitized air ducts can cause health issues and symptoms.

These symptoms can affect you and your family in a negative way.

Air Duct Mount Lebanon

At A1 Air Duct Cleaning Mount Lebanon, we are here to help you and your family with all your air duct cleaning needs.

Cleaning and maintenancing your homes air ducts is crucial to help avoid any health and respiratory issues.

In most air ducts systems pollutants such as; mold, bacteria, animal feces, animal hair, dust, pollen, and construction debris are found inside.

The main reason for mold in your home air duct system is moisture.

Moisture is most found in air ducts when your home has had a leak, or any water damage.

Health related issues caused by polluted air ducts include, sneezing coughing, headaches, and cold like systems.

If you have any members of your home who have allergies, or any respiratory illnesses, it is important to clean your air duct system every 4-6 years so avoid more serious symptoms.

air duct cleaning requires professionals and specialized machinery.

At A1 Air Duct Cleaning Mount Lebanon, our team of professionals offer many air duct cleaning methods to fit all sizes, materials, and shape air duct systems.

Air duct cleaning requires specialized machinery and tools.

These include a negative air pressure system, a specialized filter heavy duty vacuum, and a deep cleaning tool such as a rotobrush.

Forms of cleaning

The procedure that is most common when it comes to air duct cleaning is negative pressure air duct cleaning.

This method uses a specialized negative pressure air hose.

This specialized hose is fed through your vents while exerting negative air pressure in your vent system to lift and remove all loose particles and debris.

While the negative pressure is being forced throughout your vents, our specialized filtered vacuum is used to remove all the lifted debris from your home.

The roto brush cleaning is a more intense cleaning that is essentially a deep clean to the interior of your home’s air ducts.

The roto brush is a specialized tool that has interchangeable brush heads, that are made to fit all shapes and size air ducts.

The roto brush is fed into and through your air duct system and uses its rotating brush head to scrub and remove all contaminants from your air ducts.

After the clean we use our specialized vacuum system to remove all pollutants and debris from your home.

At A1 Air Duct Cleaning Mount Lebanon after performing a cleaning and sanitation of your home air ducts, we offer a solution to bacteria and mold.

A product we offer is the anti microbacterial uv light that prevents the return of bacteria and mold to your air ducts.

This light is placed in your air ducts and is left on 24/7.

The uv light is always working to protect you and your family from bacteria and mold contaminated air.

Our highly trained professionals also specializes in commercial air duct cleaning.

All air ducts eventually grow mold and bacteria.

Get your building, store, and commercial properties in Mount Lebanon air ducts cleaned.

Protect your employees, and customers by giving us at A1 Air Duct Cleaning Mount Lebanon a call to sanitize your air ducts.

Some of the commercial services we provide include Coil cleaning, Duct cleanings, Dryer vent Cleanings, and ventilation system cleaning.

A1 Air Duct Cleaning Mount Lebanon, is your local trusted air duct cleaning service.

We offer quality,honest, and efficient work.

We make it our main goal to give our customers the purest air we can.

With all your air duct needs, call us at A1 Air Duct Cleaning Mount Lebanon to help.

Whether it is commercial service or residential we have the equipment to properly clean your air ducts.

We have served the Mount Lebanon community for over 10 years, and we guarantee quality and professional work.