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No matter the style, size, or location of your home, it is likely that you have an air duct system that is pushing warm and cool air throughout your home here in Penn Hills.

Air ducts are constantly in use, whether it’s to cool or heat your home.

Air ducts are considered to be your homes respiratory system.

It is important to clean your homes air ducts due to the many pollutants that potentially are inside.

Unsanitized air ducts can cause health issues and symptoms that can affect you and your family.

At A1 Air Duct Cleaning Penn hills we are here to help you and your family breathe clean and unpolluted air.

Cleaning and maintenance your homes air ducts is essential to help avoid any health and respiratory issues.

In many air ducts systems pollutants such as; mold, bacteria, animal feces, animal hair, dust, pollen, and construction debris.

The main cause of mold in your home air duct system is moisture.

Moisture is commonly found in air ducts when your home has had a leak, or any water damage.

When cleaning air ducts we find mold in air ducts more times then we do not.

The health related issues associated with polluted air ducts include, sneezing coughing, headaches, and cold like systems.

If you have any members of your home who have allergies, or any respiratory illnesses, clean air ducts are crucial to their health.

The process of air duct cleaning requires professionals.

At A1 Air Duct Cleaning Penn hills our highly trained team of professionals offer many air duct cleaning methods to fit your individual homes needs.

We are able to clean any air duct system regardless of the size, material, or shape.

Air duct cleaning requires specialized machinery.

This includes a negative air pressure system, a specialized filter heavy duty vacuum, and a deep cleaning tool such as a rotobrush.

Forms of cleaning

The most common air duct cleaning method used is negative pressure air duct cleaning.

This method uses a specialized air pressure hose with a negative pressure valve attached to the end.

This hose is fed through your vents exerting negative air pressure throughout your vent system to remove and lift all dirt and debris.

While the negative pressure is being admitted into your vents our specialized filtered vacuum is used to remove all the loose pollutants from your home.

The roto brush cleaning is a more extensive cleaning that performs a deep clean to the interior of your home’s air ducts.

The roto brush is a specialized tool that has interchangeable brush heads to fit your homes specific air ducts.

The roto brush is fed through your air duct system and uses its rotating brush head to perform a deep clean.

Again while this method is being used our specialized vacuum system is working to remove all pollutants and debris from your home.

At A1 Air Duct Cleaning Penn hills after performing a cleaning and sanitation of your home air ducts we offer a solution to prevent the return of bacteria and mold.

A product we offer is the anti microbacterial uv light.

This light is placed in your air ducts and left on 24/7.

The uv light is always working and protecting you and your family from breathing in bacteria and mold.

Our team of trained professionals also specializes in commercial air duct cleaning.

All air ducts are breeding grounds for mold and bacteria.

Get your building, store, and commercials properties in Penn Hills air ducts cleaned.

Protect your employees, and customers by giving us at A1 Air Duct Cleaning Penn hills a call to sanitize your air ducts.

Commercial service

  • Coil cleaning
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Ventilation system cleaning

A1 Air Duct Cleaning Penn Hills is your local family owned air duct cleaning service.

We offer quality and honest work.

We make it our goal to give our customers the best quality air we can. With all your air duct needs, trust our professional team to help.

Whether you need commercial service or residential we have the professionals and the equipment to properly clean your air ducts.

We have proudly served the Penn Hills community for over 15 years, and pride ourselves on honesty and quality.